A few useful things to pass on while I start updating this site.

I’m currently catching up on some podcasts from “Jupiter Broadcasting“.    What’s Jupiter Broadcasting?   It’s a little tech podcasting empire created by Seattle based Chris Fisher.

Fisher’s flagship podcast is of course the “Linux Action Show” which goes out every Sunday. They also have a more community-oriented spin-off  podcast called “Linux Unplugged”. “TechSnap” focuses on computer system security news, while “Coder Radio” deals with software development.

“Unfilter” is an often humorous look at the mainstream media. There’s also now a new daily podcast called “Tech Talk Today”.

While they’re all available as video podcasts, I hardly ever watch them because it ties me to a computer or TV screen.    I prefer audio because it allows me to do other things while I’m listening.

What do I use to listen to the podcasts?   Certainly not iTunes!


My podcast aggregator of choice is Clementine Player.    Clementine does everything that iTunes does, plus a few things that iTunes can’t do.   Besides, it’s NOT iTunes!

Clementine is cross-platform, available not only for GNU/Linux, but also for those of you still stuck in Windows and MacOSX land.

Of course, I’m typing this post on one computer and listening to my podcasts on another computer; an old 2003 vintage IBM Thinkpad T40 laptop with 1 GB RAM.

When I bought this computer used from a shop on Toronto’s College Street “Computer Alley”, it of course came with Windows XP installed on it.

Making XP disappear was my first task once I got it home.    Over the years it’s had a number of GNU/Linux distributions on it, but currently I’m using “SolydX“, a Debian based distribution from a group of folks in the Netherlands that uses the lightweight XFCE desktop.SolydXK_logo_small

Since most of the computers I run around the house are a little on the old side, I prefer GNU/Linux distributions that use either the XFCE or LXDE desktops.

Doing things this way means that computers that other folks consider yard sale candidates I find perfectly functional and usable.


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