BBC Radio streams updated!

Antique_Radio_03__Arvin61r58I messed up the back end of WordPress during a software update some months ago and I finally got around to fixing it.   While the site “worked”, I couldn’t make any changes until I fixed it.   The fix was actually quite simple and as usual I found  it in the WordPress Codex.

In the meantime, the folks at the BBC changed their streaming media format from Windows Media Player to MP3.   So that meant that my “non-flash” links all became out of date.

I’m happy to report that they’re now all fixed (as far as I know!).  Just go to the BBC Radio section of this site.

Of course I fixed my bookmarks file in my copy of Radio Tray first!

The most helpful tool for figuring out the new links was the Mozilla Firefox web browser.   It has some great built-in tools for figuring out this kind of stuff.   Just go to “Tools”, “Web Developer” and then “Network”.   You’ll have to do a quick reload of the page you’re viewing and then you can analyze the results to figure out where the audio stream is “actually” coming from.

So my copy of “Radio Tray” is happy and I hope you are too!  Enjoy!

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