Free Software for Windows

If you haven’t yet switched to GNU/Linux you can gain some of the benefits by using some of the software listed below.   In many cases the software is available for both Windows and MacOSX.


Mozilla Firefox   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have this installed on your computer.

SeaMonkey Project  The old Netscape/Mozilla Suite lives on with the Sea Monkey Project which also includes an e-mail programme, an IRC chat programme (Chatzilla) and a basic WYSIWYG HTML editor called “Composer”.

Qupzilla  A newer web browser built on webkit, (the rendering engine used in Safari and Chrome/Chromium) but with some very significant privacy features pre-installed.

Midori  A lightweight and fast browser, (not exactly pretty) but gets the job done.


Libre Office     The community built successor to “Open Office” but light years ahead of Open Office.   If you are still using Open Office switch to Libre Office.

Abiword – A simple light-weight stand alone and cross-platform word processing programme

PDF Creator   This is just about the only free software tool around for turning absolutely anything into a PDF (i.e. web pages etc.)   However, if you are one of those Windows users who is in the habit of answering yes to everything, DO NOT INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE! 

The developers of PDF Creator bundle adware with the software.   If you are not careful with the installation, you will end up with adware on your computer.

When you install, agree to the GNU General Public License for PDF Creator, but when you are asked to install the adware, uncheck whatever programmes they have bundled and hit the “cancel” button.


Mozilla Thunderbird – Handles your POP3 or IMAP E-mail and
RSS feeds.


The Gimp     The GNU Image Manipulation Project.   This is a fanastic cross platform photo and graphics editor with capabilities similar to those contained in Photoshop.

Inkscape   A scaleable vector graphics programme with capabilites similar to Corel Draw and Adobe InDesign.

Scribus  A powerful desktop publishing application

Greenshot – A programme for doing screen captures.


BlueGriffon – A WYSIWYG web design programme similar to Dreamweaver

BlueFish – A powerful text editor for web developers and programmers

Filezilla – An FTP programme for getting you website up on your webserver!


RSS Owl  A powerful RSS news feed reader


Audacity – An excellent audio editing programme, suiteable for recording and editing your podcast, recording your old vinyl and cassette collections etc.   Install the Lame MP3 encoder to enable MP3 support in Audacity.

Avidemux – A simple video editing programme for cutting and pasting video clips and encoding and re-encoding video

Miro Video Converter – A programme for converting just about any type of video to MP4, WebM and Ogg Theora

Virtualdub – A video capture and processing utility

Handbrake – A video transcoding programme

Blender – A 3D modelling and animation programme

Infrarecorder – A CD/DVD burning programme for Windows capable of handling .iso images

DVD Flick – A programme that will convert your digital videos so that they can be played on a standard DVD player.

CamDesk – A simple web cam programme


Clamwin – A GNU GPL licensed anti-virus programme for Windows.   It does not include an real-time anti-virus scanner.   You’ll need to scan files manually but it works really well.


VLC Media Player – The Swiss Army knife of audio and video.   VLC Media Player will handle just about any audio or video format you throw at it.

Clementine Player – A cross platform alternative to iTunes for organizing your digital music collection, subscribing to podcasts etc.

Miro – A cross platform application for watching internet video, subscribing to video podcasts, RSS, and more!


Pidgin – A cross platform instant messaging programme that will handle many instant messaging services including AIM, GoogleTalk, IRC, Yahoo!, MSN, XMPP and many more!


TightVNC – A programme for remote controlling another computer across a network.

PuTTY – A Telnet/SSH programme for remote access to another computer.





PhotoRec – A tool for recovering your photos and other files from corrupted file systems

Unetbootin – A tool for creating bootable USB media from .ISO image files

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