“Linux in the Hamshack” Podcast


Russ Woodman K5TUX from “Linux in the Hamshack” at Dayton Hamvention 2013

One of the more interesting podcasts I enjoy listening to is “Linux in the Hamshack”.

The LHS podcast covers two geeky things that I have a love for,  namely the world of free and open source software and my much longer geeky passion, amateur radio!.   But of course the emphasis is mainly on free and open source software that’s used by ham radio operators.


LHS podcast is hosted by Russ Woodman K5TUX from Arkansas along with Pierre Landy VE2XPL from just outside Montreal.

This podcast doesn’t follow a super regular schedule, but the guys seem to get something out about once a month.   Go visit their site and catch up on the backlog of episodes and watch for future episodes.    You can of course subscribe to their podcast without iTunes in either .mp3 or (free media) .ogg format!

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2 Responses to “Linux in the Hamshack” Podcast

  1. Russ - K5TUX says:

    Thanks for the shout out! We hope to be back to recording bi-weekly again once we get started back up in early September. Stay tuned, and 73.

  2. bobve3sre says:

    No worries Russ. Everyone’s got a day job! Look forward to it.

    Bob VE3SRE

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