More streaming updates

Direct URL’s for CBC Radio Two and Three audio streams have been updated.

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  1. john lee says:

    It appears that some of CBC radio one’s links have gone to AAC from MP3. An example is the link to Saint John’s NFL, Halifax and several others. Would you know why the Grace digital radios seem to have more difficulty in updating these types of changes than the Logitech (such as the Squeezebox radios).


    • admin says:


      Yes my CBC links and a bunch of others need to be updated. I’ll get to it over the next couple of months as I re-work this site.



  2. bruce says:

    I enjoy streaming independent Minnesota public KBEM FM 88.5 Jazz, Home: (a “Community” or “Campus” station). The “Listen Now” stream link provided at bottom of its home page is: , so using . Mostly jazz, but some very interesting weekend variety, too. [Thought you might like to add it to the list?]

    I’m trying to play it thru the (apparently) highly-rated AIMP(3) player I just downloaded, esp. for the multi-band EQ it offers (& MUCH more; ), which MS Windows 7 doesn’t. However, it tells me it can’t play that station, because it uses an unrecognized format [which MAY be stream protocol MMS/HTTP (?); : 1st Question: “… or content won’t play.”]
    It DOES play thru my Dell Optiplex 980 just fine — but no EQ available, & apparently not thru the Windows Media Player.

    Any thoughts, on how to find which protocol KBEM DOES use? I’ll try emailing them, too.
    THANKS!! for your GREAT Guide & this Service!!

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