Number 19 Set Radio

19setI came across this “Number 19 Set” up for sale at “Hamex“, the annual amateur radio fleamarket sponsored by the Mississauga and Peel Amateur Radio clubs held every March at the Brampton Fairgrounds.

This particular radio has an interesting history.   The original version of the 19 Set was used by the British Army during the Second World War.   The version seen in this photo was produced here in Canada by Northern Electric sometime after 1942.

You’ll note that the radio is labeled in both English and Russian.   That’s because these radios were also supplied to the Soviet Red Army for use on the Eastern Front.

Nowadays you’ll find folks in the amateur radio community who restore them for use on the amateur radio bands!

Did I buy it?  No but I did take this photo!   And a photo is worth about 150 words on a blog post.

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