More streaming updates

Direct URL’s for CBC Radio Two and Three audio streams have been updated.

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Back at it again.

Tonight I fixed the direct URL’s for CBC Radio One streams. I’ve still got to fix the rest of them. That will come as I get some time. In fixing them I noticed that there’s now a stream from “Nord Quebec”. I imagine it’s quite similar to the Montreal stream, with maybe a few Cree language programmes here and there.

I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do before moving this site over to the “main” URL. Hopefully I’ll be finished by the end of the year.

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A little behind again

Well I started re-working the old site in May and now it’s September! Still have lots of work to do to move stuff over from the old static site.

Also, I’ve noticed that CBC Radio has changed their streaming audio links again! So, need to do some more work fixing them.

So, lots of work to get done over the fall.


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Hello world!

tux ham radioIf you happen to stumble across this page, this is the beginning of the reconstruction of VE3SRE.COM an old “static” website that I setup back about 2006 or so.

I’m rebuilding the site gradually using “WordPress” and so stand by for some changes!

Around a thousand or two folks from around the planet visit VE3SRE.COM each month and so I hope that with the reconstruction, folks will find things a little better and maybe a little easier to navigate!

The focus will continue to be on amateur radio, streaming audio, GNU/Linux, free and open source software and whatever else strikes my fancy.

In the mean time, the old “static” site is here


73 de Bob VE3SRE

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