CBC Music

CBC Music

Direct Streaming URL’s (updated February, 2016)

CBC Radio 3    PLS Stream      Direct MP3

CBC Sonica      PLS Stream      Direct MP3

CBC has switched all of their 40+ online music streams from MP3 .pls playlist streams to a really awful Flash based “in browser” player that just sucks.    So, while the world abandons Adobe Flashplayer, the CBC is embracing it.

My advice?    Tune them out.   They’re not the only folks on the planet playing this kind of music.


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3 Responses to CBC Music

  1. Egon Eilers says:

    None of the CBC url’s work in the VLC player.
    I’m a great fan of the classical CBC 3 stations, operatic etc but nothing works.
    Why am I forced to use the CBC player in order to get the stations?
    I do not like to play any music through a web browser.

    • bobve3sre says:

      Radio stations move their “real” URL’s all the time. The links were accurate when I posted them in June, 2015. The CBC Radio Three and CBC Sonica links still seem to work. Guess I have a little detective work and updating to do.

  2. bobve3sre says:

    It would seem that the CBC has seen fit to kill all of their direct MP3 streaming in favour of embedding all of their music streams into a bloated web based Flashplayer. While the rest of the web is dumping Flash, CBC unfortunately is embracing it.

    So, anyone who wants to listen to CBC Music streams is forced to use a proprietary software plugin to listen to audio streams that are paid for by the Canadian taxpayer.

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